New projects, writing and The Hunger Games: another blog post- woohoo!

It's raining. In Seattle. Big surprise. Robby and I are sitting in a coffee shop (another shocker!) and, as Robby takes artsy photos of the rain hitting the windows and I drink hot apple cider, I'm creating a Twitter account for Foster Care Alumni of America's Washington chapter. The group I've been part of since we moved here in June voted me as a board member to lead communications and marketing efforts. So follow us!

Of course, it's been a couple of months since I've blogged.

The highlights:

I started a new job. I work doing PR (events, client relations and account management stuff) for an Internet service provider. So far, it's been fun. The company has been around for 12 years but feels like a start up, since it's just starting to grow and is full of young people. We have "kill the keg" parties at work, meaning we drink left over beer from parties we've thrown for clients. And the co-founders bring growlers full of beer for monthly meetings. We have lots of parties coming up this month, one of which I will likely get to dress up in a The Hunger Games costume.


I started freelance writing for magazines. A former co-worker, who is now an editor at a Beckett Media magazine, recommended me to write a story on the Hunger Games fandom. From our days at the newspaper together she remembered what a fan I was (I had a Peeta figurine on my desk and, until an editor asked me to remove them, Hunger Games movie posters on the wall behind my desk). She knew I'd written a few Hunger Games-related stories, as well, and told the editor I'd be a good fit to write a story about fans of the franchise. The article is part of a special fandom magazine coming out next month. It was so fun to write! I loved interviewing other fans and learning about the fandom. I loved journalism writing again. It's been a while since I left my reporter job. I'm still glad I did it, but I've always wanted to write for magazines. And this opportunity practically fell into my lap!

Go Giants! Writing

Less than a week after submitting the article, another editor for a different Beckett magazine emailed me asking me to write for a different magazine. The editor from before recommended me. So, of course, I said yes! This magazine is set to come out in February and is about love stories in movies. These write-ups didn't involve interviews. I watched a few of the greats, such as Titanic, and wrote about them. And then another editor emailed me and I wrote another article, this time about a natural disaster. I'm thrilled to add these clips to the resume and the experience has truly been wonderful. I hope to continue to be assigned articles, although I'm busy with my other writing and full-time job. And being a newlywed in a new city, of course! Robby and I continue to explore Seattle, make friends and hang out with our friend Devlin.

Devlin hanging out with us old-married-people


Robby is doing really great in law school and I'm proud of him. He has an upcoming conference for a law school club he's in and on the board of. The conference is in D.C. and I'm sure he'll love his time there. I've got four parties this month I'm helping organize for work AND a weekend trip to Reno to visit my best friend and her new baby and my family. The time I'm there is so short that I won't have time to do much else so if you're reading this and live in Reno, I'm sorry but I probably won't have time to visit. I don't want to stretch myself and my time there too thin. But I'm hoping to be able to visit more next year.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and this year will be the first for Robby and I as husband and wife. We are going to try to cook. It's very ambitious, I know. Also, we are going to have a Hunger Games movie-watching marathon before going to see the new one on Thanksgiving.

I'm starting to see a theme, here.